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Resources for Job Seekers

Recruitment Tips that work!

Below are some proven tips on interview questions, CV writing and what questions not to ask in an interview.  See a newly uploaded Basic CV Template that will give your CV a very professional look, so that you will have all the necessary tools to get you that permanent job.  We will also be covering temporary or contract work and the dos and don’ts there.

You will also see Recommended Links at the bottom of the page to our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Pages, be sure to check out our Facebook Page regularly, as sometimes temporary or contract jobs will also appear there.

Basic CV Template

Click on the Link below to download a Basic CV Template that will make your CV stand out from the crowd with a very professional look.


Build a Great CV & Cover Letter

This page outlines tips for building a great CV and there is also a sample cover letter with advice on what to include and also what mistakes to watch out for so that your cover letter will get noticed.


5 Common Interview Questions

This page outlines how to answer the 5 most common questions that come up in every job interview.

How we can help you

One to One Interview

Our Recruitment Consultant will arrange a One to One interview to meet with you once a role comes in that we think you are well suited for.

Interview Tips

You will be given interview tips and tricks to ensure that you make it through the interview stage, the Recruitment Consultant will also proof your CV for any errors and suggest improvements.

Interview Process

Once we have the position we think you are suited for we will inform you of the interview process – the date, time, location and any other details such as dress code etc, you will also be informed about the company so that you can research them before the interview.


You will be provided with directions to the interview, date, time and location in the days prior to the interview taking place.


If you were unsuccessful in the interview for any reason, the Recruitment Consultant will give you feedback from the interview and will begin to search for another suitable role.

Timesheet and Further Details

If you have been successful in the interview process you will be furnished with a timesheet and given any further details about the position and the company.

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